Clear Path Financial Planning Wealth Accumulators: 6D Approach


We define the commitments, rules of engagement and expectations at the outset to avoid confusion and improve communication.


We discover important data about your current financial situation. Personal goals needs, expectations and priorities are uncovered from the foundation of your financial plan providing us with a deep understanding of your needs to help determine the most suitable strategy.

From discovery, we bridge expectations and reality by outlining both areas of concern and opportunity. We clarify any questions or concerns and give careful consideration to your preliminary feedback.

Recommendations are developed from previously identified opportunities and risks. You become engaged in the process and are empowered to make sound financial decisions.

After proper due diligence and consideration a personalized action plan is created to form part of your comprehensive plan.  Steps are identified to properly fund and protect your financial objectives.

What’s important to us changes throughout our lives, however the process we engage in does not, therefore it is important that we review your financial plan annually and update it as needed.

Clear Path Financial Planning at every Step of your Life