Financial Clarity for Incorporated Professionals



We provide a clear financial plan that’s regularly monitored to achieve your financial goals.


We work with you and other professionals to ensure all aspects of finances are looked after.


Spend time enjoying what you love most knowing you have financial clarity.


Know that your finances and the people that matter in your life are taken care of.

Don’t have time to deal with your business & personal finances? 

Being an incorporated professional can be both challenging and fulfilling. On the one hand, your years of studying and training have finally come to fruition, and you are finally starting to live your dreams. But the challenges are also ever-present. Meeting deadlines and remaining consistent, while maintaining the quality of your work can be overwhelming sometimes.

With Clearpath, achieving balance in your lifestyle and career changes from being a challenge to a pleasing reality. We can channel our skills and expertise towards working with you to achieve your financial goals, through proper planning and strategizing.

Everything we do is designed to address your personal finance and career needs. Due to the complexity of your financial life, we can help you at every stage of your career by providing the right mix of products, services and advice.

At Clear Path, we have successfully provided advisory services to professionals for decades.

Here’s How We Can Help

Financial Planning

Financial planning at Clearpath is a comprehensive and ongoing process that can help you achieve your personal and financial goals in life. Almost every aspect of your life needs some nature of financing, which highlights the importance of having stable finances, as best as you can.

Our plans and strategies will also make your finances withstand unexpected hits and emergencies. With a solid financial plan, a major part of your life is more or less covered, and at Clearpath, it is our duty to help you cover these aspects.

While we take care of your financial goals, you can focus squarely on your work life and keep smashing those lofty career goals!


Insurance is all about protection against unforeseen occurrences, which everyone should have. As a professional, it is important to cover all bases, in protecting yourself and dependants from unexpected risks. At Clear Path, we protect professionals and their practices with:

  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance
  • Group health benefits

By working with us, you and your practice will be fully protected.


Let us join you in making your money work for you! When making savings and investment plans, you definitely need as much information as possible. The market is not always a friendly place. This is why you need to collaborate in making these plans.

You need professionals who are in tune with the most recent and relevant information about the investment arena. We have these professionals at Clearpath. We provide a wide range of accounts, investments and services, providing you with many options and plans to choose from.

Finally, financial clarity.

Your dreams do not have to take hits because you are too busy making other plans. Your demanding and very rewarding career can still get to the greatest heights of achievement and influence. We are simply here to ensure that our services ease you of as much burden as possible, as you continue on your extraordinary journey.

Book a meeting today to see your Clear Path to Financial Clarity.


Dane Kingsbury, Real Estate Professional

Bradley has helped a number of my clients with their insurance needs, especially with regard to ensuring that their mortgage balances are covered. In doing so, he is helping them save money while having better coverage. In addition to this, having a quality Financial Planner like Bradley allows me to feel confident that my clients will be well taken care for the long term.