Retire Confidently with Clear Path Financial Plan



We provide a Clear Retirement Plan that’s regularly monitored to achieve your retirement goals.


We work with you and other professionals to ensure all aspects of retirement income are looked after.


Know that you can retire with financial security and confidence.

Don’t have a Clear Plan to Retire? 

Retirement is a season of life dedicated to relaxation and enjoying the benefits of all your hard work and efforts put in during your younger years. Naturally, many uncertainties come with making retirement plans, and approaching your retirement years. There is the natural anxiety that comes with it, where you feel like you have not made good enough plans yet. You may also be simply worried about the transition, as you will have to get used to an entirely new way of life.

At Clear Path, we’ve got you covered in both situations. Our team of financial professionals will educate you on strategies and help you every step of the way, with increasing your income as a retiree.

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Here’s How We Can Help

Financial Planning

With proper financial planning, you may even get to retire earlier. Our financial planning program is a comprehensive process that can help you achieve your personal and financial goals in life. Our professionals are committed to working with you in designing a financial plan that helps you retire with confidence.


Unforeseen circumstances can easily derail your retirement plans. Not taking adequate insurance coverage has the potential to hurt your retirement, should any of these circumstances come to light. At Clear Path, we protect retirees with:

  • Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance

By working with us, your retirement nest egg will be fully protected.


In retirement, your investment mix needs to strike a balance between preserving your retirement nest egg and drawing an income from your retirement funds.

At Clear Path, we will help create a portfolio that does this and review all income sources including govnerment benefits such as Canada Protection Plan and Old Age Security.


Finally, a complete financial life path to retirement success.

We understand that your priority at this season of your life is to live comfortably, minimize your liabilities, and prepare as best as you can for your retirement. Our duty is to make the transition as smooth as possible, when the time comes.

We help our clients  through all stages of retirement including the pre retirement, transition and in retirement phase of their life.

Every client receives a Clear Financial Plan outlining the steps to retirement confidence.

For decades we’ve been helping business owners make sound investment and insurance decisions.  We have worked closely with business owners through the growth and maturity stage of their business.

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The Willing Wisdom Index™ is a powerful tool that helps families and individuals make estate planning decisions prior to completing an estate plan with advisors. The Willing Wisdom Index is a tool that will help you create and achieve an estate plan that aligns with your final wishes.

By completing the Willing Wisdom Index™, you will receive a confidential detailed checklist that can:

  • Guide you to create an in-depth estate plan.
  • Provide valuable information to prepare prior to meeting with your estate advisors

Visit the link below to complete the Willing Wisdom Index:

Dane Kingsbury, Real Estate Professional

Bradley has helped a number of my clients with their insurance needs, especially with regard to ensuring that their mortgage balances are covered. In doing so, he is helping them save money while having better coverage. In addition to this, having a quality Financial Planner like Bradley allows me to feel confident that my clients will be well taken care for the long term.