• Age 55 to 64 years old
  • Preparing for retirement phase
  • Higher Net Worth
  • Higher than Average Incomes


You typically have higher than average incomes; higher net worths and own more assets.   Accelerators main priority is to reduce taxes as they move closer to retirement.   Preparing for the retirement phase is now your top priority.

Dedication to hard work and adhering to your personalized plan have prepared you for retirement.  Working with our advisors to achieve a tax efficient income will provide for you and your loved ones throughout the next stage of life.  Your financial plan identifies strategies to maximize the amount of income that is available to you, while maintaining a focus on your larger goals.


    • Financial Planning is Essential
    • Retirement Planning- Wealth Accumulation
    • Ensure loved ones are protected- Wealth Protection Needs Analysis
    • Reducing Income Tax
    • Complete an Investor Risk Profile to determine your risk tolerance and types of investments that are worth consideration.