• Age 45 to 54
  • May have older children
  • At a stage in life where there is a comfort level with their current financial situation


With higher than average incomes and growing net worths, accumulators are taking the next step in building wealth for security and retirement.  Accumulators top priorities are saving for retirement, reducing income tax, and ensuring their families are financially secure in the event of death or disability.

Financial Planning at this stage is essential in order to ensure all goals and concerns are identified and addressed.  How can I protect my family from the consequences of an unexpected event?  At what age can I retire?  Am I making the best decisions for the future? Our advisors work to enhance plan efficiency and identify tax minimization strategies.  We provide solutions to address your fears about the unexpected.  Peace of mind only comes with the knowledge that retirement funding and family security have been achieved.


      • Financial Planning is Essential
      • Retirement Planning- Wealth Accumulation
      • Ensure loved ones are protected- Wealth Protection Needs Analysis
      • Reducing Income Tax
      • Complete an Investor Risk Profile to determine your risk tolerance and types of investments that are worth consideration.