• Age 35 to 44
  • May have children
  • Likely own a home


They have average incomes and are quite comfortable with their current financial circumstances.  Builders are concerned about their future and place their highest priorities on repaying their mortgage and debts.   Builders also face competing priorities such as saving for retirement and/or saving for their children’s education.  Builders should be creating a solid financial foundation from which to build their plan.
Increasing responsibilities lead to increasing amounts of decisions to be made.  By working with our team and creating a financial plan, you are empowered to make those difficult choices.  A plan helps to balance retirement and children’s education savings goals with mortgage and debt repayment strategies. Our advisors work with you to create that financial foundation and identify the means to achieving your goals.


      • Ensure loved ones are protected- Wealth Protection Needs Analysis
      • Complete an Investor Risk Profile to determine your risk tolerance and types of investments that are worth consideration.