Financial Clarity for Business Owners



We provide a clear financial plan that’s regularly monitored to achieve your financial goals.


We work with you and other professionals to ensure all aspects of finances are looked after.


Spend time enjoying what you love most knowing you have financial clarity.


Know that your finances and the people that matter in your life are taken care of.

Don’t have time to deal with your business & personal finances? 

You run a successful business but the path to success hasn’t been without challenges. One of the biggest challenges business owners face is not having enough time. You’re busy managing staff, selling your products and services, working on operations and being the visionary for the business, so when it comes to finances, we know it’s important to have a Clear Path to financial clarity. 

We remove the confusion from financial planning and provide you with Clear steps to grow your assets, protect your business and ensure you have confidence in your finances. 

Knowing your cash flow and investments are taken care of are is essential for you, your business and your loved ones. 

At Clear Path, we have successfully provided advisory services to our business owners  for decades. 

Here’s How We Can Help

Financial Planning

As a business owner, your financial planning needs to be as meticulous and intentional as possible. At Clear Path, we take this fact as seriously as possible. Financial planning at Clearpath is a comprehensive and progressive process that is tailored towards achieving your personal and business goals. We work with you in determining your short-, medium- and long-term financial goals, and how you can reach them.

As a business owner, there's a lot to juggle including running a business and taking care of your business and personal finances. That's where we can help.


People and businesses both need protection against unforeseen circumstances. Not taking adequate insurance coverage has the potential to hurt your business, should any of these circumstances come to light. At Clear Path, we protect business owners with:

  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Life Insurance
  • Group health benefits

By working with us, you and your business will be fully protected.


Successful business owners and executives work with financial advisors to determine how best to invest their money in a variety of places. One of the challenges business owners face is not knowing what to do with surplus cash in their business and finding tax efficiencies so CRA doesn't take away your hard-earned dollars.

At Clearpath, part of our core business services is to create a rich and diversified portfolio of investments for business owners while maintaining tax efficiency so your money can work while you're sleeping.

Finally, financial clarity.

You’ve created a successful business  Creating and building wealth for you and your business is a process. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and making a few important decisions. Working with us will help safeguard the financial concerns of your business, which ultimately increases your business in value and industry status.

When you work with Clear Path, we establish an initial plan for financial success and adjust accordingly as your business and goals grow.

For decades we’ve been helping business owners make sound investment and insurance decisions.  We have worked closely with business owners through the growth and maturity stage of their business.

Book a meeting today to see your Clear Path to Financial Clarity.


Dane Kingsbury, Real Estate Professional

Bradley has helped a number of my clients with their insurance needs, especially with regard to ensuring that their mortgage balances are covered. In doing so, he is helping them save money while having better coverage. In addition to this, having a quality Financial Planner like Bradley allows me to feel confident that my clients will be well taken care for the long term.

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